Frederick Walker Cline

Frederick Walker and Louise Helen Cline

  • met while Fred was taking a class at Knox?
  • Married in August, 1949 after a quick courtship (started dating in February of ’49 and the Cline family first met her in April of ’49)
  • They lived for most of their years in Abingdon, Illinois, but also spent time in Kewanee, IL; plus Brooklyn, New York during the Korean conflict
  • They raised three children Patricia Jean, Sheryl Louise and Frederick Walker

Because of some more intensive “Long Memories” efforts with him, details of Fred’s life have been chronicled in a website dedicated to him that is here

A quick overview of Louise’s life includes…

  • She was diagnosed with polio in 1952 – at that point she was 7 months pregnant with Sherry .  Could barely dress herself, but ultimately came out fine after a multi-month treatment regimen
  • After graduating from Knox College, she worked for the University of Illinois extension branch in Galesburg doing psychological testing
  • Louise did a lot of the accounting and other “book work” for Cline Soil Service in its early years.
  • She took courses later to get her teaching certificate and then did homebound tutoring and substitute teaching in Abingdon
  • Louise shared her love of music by playing both violin and piano.
  • She was a wonderful supporter of activities in and around the church and community
  • Louise regularly had a smile on her face – “Weezy” was a very pleasant person
  • She died in 1999 after a bout with cancer

Among some lesser-known facts, she…

  • Played the violin, including with the Kewanee Symphony and also at the marriage of Cliff and Marilyn Long (obligato of I Love You Truly, with Bob Lawson singing)
  • She almost always made Duncan Hines blueberry muffins when others were visiting
  • Louise was active in PEO. Memorable and comical was the time during a PEO meeting when one of the members commented to Louise’s granddaughter Sara how much she resembled her father… 🙂

A quick overview of Nelle’s life includes…

  • grew up in Abingdon, IL and moved with her family to California later in her high school years – was 16 the day Samuel B. was born and was at Fred’s 18th birthday gathering and remembers having 1 month old Sam B. on her lap
  • was married to Roger Swanson and was the mother of seven children, six of whom lived to adulthood
  • lived in Owatonna, Minnesota for a large part of her adult life
  • taught school nearby (with a few “lessons” from son Greg)
  • worked for many years at Mayo Clinic doing dermatological work (artificial skin for people with burns and other skin needs) after Roger died
  • married Fred in August of 2000 and was a wonderful addition to our family and we are so glad she and Fred had so much fun for the time they were together
  • she dealt with several bouts of cancer with incredible grace, remaining remarkably upbeat and unemotional about the situation even after entering hospice
  • her obituary, written by her in collaboration with her children, is here

Among some lesser-known facts, she…

  • loved nature and shared that passion with many
  • carried a camera whenever possible to capture moments for posterity
  • used those photographs to make lovely scrapbooks, sharing this passion with her daughter Sara


Reviewed/additions by:  Marilyn Long,