At the risk of forgetting someone, we’ll begin to list some of those who have created, organized or produced some of these materials

  • Frederick Walker Cline has been an important archivist of “all things Cline.” His genealogy work, storytelling, photography and so much more have made many of the Cline Clan Chronicled website efforts possible
  • Frederick (Rick) Walker Cline, Jr. worked effectively with his dad to create much of the Family Treemaker work that will hopefully be part of upcoming sharing with family members as we share out data on previous generations of Clines, Walkers, …
  • Andy Long has shown a passion for his Cline and Long family roots, sharing many hours in discussion with many family members. He, brother Steve and Uncle Fred spent several glorious days tramping around fields and cemeteries in Kentucky and Illinois.
  • Steve Long has enjoyed capturing, consolidating, organizing and now sharing many of these Long and Cline materials
  • Kim Long has been a willing contributor to this project, producing many of the movies and audio files plus scanning photos as part of the ongoing efforts she and Steve are making in their little Long Memories side-business.
  • Rick and Patti Morozink took many of Frederick Walker Cline’s archived items (many of them unorganized and in boxes) and have begun the task of sorting and sharing. This website has been a major beneficiary of these efforts – thanks Rick and Patti!
  • Lance Gammon has provided pictures from several gatherings and scanned many of the Cline family pictures that were part of his mom’s celebration of life pictureboards
  • Tyler Black has shared pictures from a number of reunions
  • Many Cline Clan members will be participating over time by adding their own stories to what is on this website. Our goal is to maximize the sharing of valuable family life experiences while limiting the exposure of information that “the bad guys” could get by perusing internet data. If any person finds information about them or their family on the CCC website that they would like taken off, please contact Steve Long immediately.  Thanks!