Samuel Burdette Cline

IMG_0567Samuel Burdette & Joanna Cline

  • They were set up for a first date by Sam’s niece Sheryl
  • Have lived in various places including Jefferson City, Missouri; Washington DC area; Indianapolis, Indiana area and Sebring, Florida
  • They’ve enjoyed the company of felines for a long time, including Maya, Sevie, Sophie and Boomer
  • They love to travel – where haven’t they been?  🙂

A quick overview of Sam’s life includes…

  • Graduated from Knoxville HS
  • Graduated from Blackburn College (undergrad) and the University of Missouri (masters), with a focus in economics
  • Involvement in numerous business pursuits in and around the Jefferson City area while staying involved in the Army National Guard
  • Did active military duty beginning in the 1980s, achieving 20 years of service, retiring as a “full bird Colonel”
  • Becoming a volunteer leader of a regional AARP-sponsored income tax unit that does basic tax returns for no charge

Among some lesser-known facts, he…

  • did NOT sing with his three sisters in a quartet
  • took up the game of golf in the 1980s and has enjoyed it (at least most of the time) since then
  • is a sports “junkie” – if you want to know about a sporting outcome, give him a call

A quick overview of Jo’s life includes…

  • being an executive assistant for many organizations including Carl Sandburg College, Lilly Foundation and Snowmobile Association
  • involvement in various charitable activities including Interfaith Hospitality Network and Meals on Wheels
  • helping in many ways in the church

Among some lesser-known facts, she…

  • has “gone to the dark side” by starting to play (and enjoy!) card games such as Liverpool Rummy and “Uncle Sam”
  • influenced Sam to move from being a golf course walker to a full-fledged participant
  • finds ways to show random acts of kindness as a daughter, sister, aunt and sister-in-law, supporting her family in so many ways

Reviewed/additions by: Marilyn Long,