Delong Days

Sam Cline and Gladys “Red” Walker grew up together in the Abingdon, Illinois area with both graduating from Abingdon HS. Here’s a little about them from the Tatler, the high school  yearbook  (Gladys & Sam.)

It was in speech class at AHS that Gladys gave a talk on how to make bread and Sam was impressed.

They were part of a bridge group, all of whom were from Galesburg – Killingsworths, McClennans, Carlsons, Pearsons and Endters.

They got together with another group during the summer for picnics – the Porter brothers and their wives, plus their sister and mother, and Cora/Dick Nicely.  Sam & Gladys were responsible for the ice cream making – they’d make it at home and then pack it and take it to the outing.

They made ice cream a lot in the summertime!

They liked to travel and visited their kids who were all over the country – NYC with Fred’s; New Jersey, California and Maryland with Diane’s; Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky and Missouri with Eleanor’s; BG with Marilyn’s….  The summer trip (prior to when Sam was born) was to Aunt Vera’s in Kansas.  In 1939 they left Marilyn and Diane with Aunt Vera and Uncle Hall and continued on to the World’s Fair in San Francisco, taking Fred and Ellie with them.  While they were there they rode the roller coaster out into the Bay and Ellie (at age 13, riding with her dad) decided to get out – but he held her in.  They went on to Uncle Clair’s in CA and Grandmother Cline was staying with them.  They took her back to St. Francis and then put her on the train.  The family then headed home.

Sam B. remembers going a couple times to Florida including visits to Cypress Gardens, Silver Springs, St. Augustine.  Sam B. got mumps one time on a trip and they had to come home early!

One Spring while traveling to Tuscaloosa to visit Ellie and Jack they left Sam B. in Alabama and the rest of the family headed down to Pensacola.  They tried shrimp for the first time and liked it so much that it became another regular item on the family menu (purchased in 5 lb. frozen blocks.)

Favorite family meal was to buy Chef Boyardee packaged spaghetti dinner – it contained noodles, tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese.

They were very busy between their children and their friends.

There are many tales to be told, including what was in Gladys’ diary (carefully censored by her daughter Marilyn!)

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